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Darren Birt - Sales

Hi, I’ve worked with Legacy Telecom since 2002, whilst being in the telecoms industry since 1994,  I enjoy the account management side of the role and building new business. I also have a keen interest in the marketing side of the company.

My default hobby seems to be DIY, or when I’m not working, I always seem to be doing DIY. I moved house recently and trying to turn the new place into a home. I grow a selection of fruit and vegetables, although being without a kitchen at the moment does makes it slightly difficult.

I run 4 times a week at the gym in the hope of beating the middle age spread... working progress.

Traveling is a real pleasure and discovering new places, I prefer a city breaks rather than beach holidays.

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DDI - 01942 686 262

Andy Burton - Sales

Hi, I have worked for Legacy Telecom since 2006 with expertise in delivering headsets solutions.
I'm passionate about sport, enjoying football and rugby. I'm an avid collector of rugby league, rugby union and football replica shirts.
I'm looking towards a more healthy future with regular exercise and I'm currently on Slimming World with a target of losing 4 stone. 
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Email -
DDI - 01942 686 265

Kitty Pickersgill - Sales

Hi, I am married with 3 teenage sons. I'm also an animal lover with 3 dogs and 4 cats.

I took a career break whilst I raised my 3 boys but prior to this I was working within the telecoms industry, I decided to come back to the IT/Telecoms industry and I have really embraced my role with a focus on achieving great things.

I enjoy traveling and dining out and when the weather permits I enjoy relaxing in the hot tub.

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DDI - 01942 686 263

Megan Wilson - Marketing 

Hi, I am currently training as an apprentice digital marketer at Legacy Telecom for four days a week and I study at Bolton College for the academic side of my apprenticeship.
I love drawing, designing and being creative. My favorite things are music, films, animals and traveling to different places especially in America. 
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Email -
DDI - 01942 686 260

Lee Smith - Stores

Hi, I started with Legacy Telecom back in 2012 within the stores Dept, I’m a practical “hands on” person who is a qualified joiner by trade. On and off I have worked in the telecoms industry since 1996 and the stores environment is where I set my standards high for the products that comes through the door. I’m consistent with attention to detail.

When it comes to relaxing I like to keep my hand in DIY around the house and garden and when I’ve caught up with DIY, my wife and I enjoy to socialise with friends and we also have a rescue cat named Jasmine Stella Smith.

My “go to” holiday destination is the USA, especially Las Vegas, it’s a party capital and I always find some unique experience to do every single time. My other passions include music, I enjoy a real electric mix from Metal through to Dance. 

Email -

DDI - 01942 686 269


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