Headset Repair Service

Repairing headsets is another great sustainable service allowing faulty headsets to be brought back into service from as little as £18.00 per repaired wired headsets and £35 for wireless headsets. 

We will collect free of charge 10 or more headsets to save both time and money. Simply put them in a parcel and we will send in the courier to collect them on your behalf.  Plus we will also return them back to you free of charge. 

We also offer a further 6 month additional warranty, all consumables are replaced with new plus the repaired units are hygienically cleaned with industry standard cleaning products.

If you consider the environmental impact when disposing of faulty headsets along with the business cost to replace is both eco-friendly and good business practice.

Every headset repaired is one step in the right direction for a more ethical business along with the cost saving that our greener option provides.

Should you have any further queries regarding the Headset Repair Service or any other service please call one of the team on 01942 686 260