Konftel 300

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The Konftel 300IP is packed with intelligent functions to make teleconferences more efficient. For instance, you can record and store your meetings on a SD memory card. The conference guide makes it possible to call preprogrammed groups with a few simple pushes of a button.

Based on SIP 
The Konftel 300IP can be connected either to your IP PBX system or direct to a VoIP sevice provider. The phone is compatible with most of the SIP platforms available on the market. In order to simplify connection, the Konftel 300IP also supports Power over Ethernet (PoE)

Extension Capacity for Larger Rooms

Expansion microphones increase the voice pickup range from the 30 square metres to more than twice that. The Konftel 300IP's omnidirectional microphone combined with the directional microphones ensure optimal voice pickup in larger meetings.