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USB Headset Training Adaptor

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USB Buddy Training Adaptor

USB technology will not allow you to simply connect together two VOIP/softphones. The USB Buddy overcomes this limitation.  Simply plug two standard-wired headsets into the USB Buddy and connect the USB Buddy into your PC USB port; the USB Buddy auto-connects and away you go.


  •      Enables side-by-side training for offices using softphones (VOIP telephony)
  •      Compact and stylish unit
  •      Push to mute for Trainer and/or Trainee
  •      Ideal for small VOIP conferences
  •      Easily identifiable muting function, to avoid embarrassing accidents!
  •      Also useful as USB adaptor for all standard headsets, with mute and training facility


  •      Colour:  black     
  •      Weight of product: 46g
  •      EAN number: 5055386500212