VoIP Gateway

Why Change 

Planning to migrate to SIP trunks ?

Taking your business forward with a VoIP strategy before ISDN lines are ceased in 2025 is an increasing pressure for many organisations.  

No Pressure to Migrate

If your system doesn't support VoIP or perhaps there's simply no budget to replace current infrastructure then Sangoma Vega can deliver a very cost effective solution.

How does it Work?

The Sangoma Vega VoIP gateway will securely sit on your network telling the system that it's delivering VoIP protocol. 

Your legacy equipment becomes future proof with no urgency to migrate to a VoIP system and you will also save money by ceasing any current ISDN circuits.






Get in Touch

If you wish to discuss the Sangoma Vega products or talk more about the savings then call one of the team on 01942 686260 or email sales@legacytelecom.co.uk