Telephone System Maintenance

Keeping you Connected 24/7/365

Legacy Telecom Ltd can provide maintenance support for your "on premise" telephone system.

Consider the commercial outcome if you rely on telephone communication for your business and the hardware fails!

  • Do you have existing system maintenance?
  • What commercial impact would downtime have on your business?
  • Does your current maintenance supplier meet your business needs?

We're Here to Assist

In the event of a system failure we can offer support with our Telephone System Maintenance, ensuring you experience minimum downtime and your business is operational.

Largest Multi-Vendor Maintenance Supplier

We can provide a reliable service through the largest provider of multi-vendor maintenance in the UK along with being the UK's largest Mitel partner with Platinum status. 

More than 300 nationwide maintenance engineers are capable of reaching 97.5% of UK businesses within the hour.

Your Business comes first:

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